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We offer a variety of in home care services and we can also have customized care service that meets the unique needs of the customers.


Conversation and companionship; we are available to offer clients company and engage in conversation by sitting down with them and sharing a meal together and talk about anything. Social contact has proven to enhance the health, happiness and quality of life of seniors and our aim is to give the clients the most out of their remaining years. Our caregivers will also assist in meal preparation. They will help prepare hot, delicious and nutritious meals and allows the clients to help with preparation according to their ability. Many seniors do not have the opportunity of taking a well-balanced meal and this service helps them get nutrition they require to enjoy a living full of good health.

In house hygiene services; these services include helpingkeep washrooms clean, cleaning of personal clothing, washing of kitchenry, arranging clothing in closets, cleaning of sinks, dusting of sofas, changing of beddings and a host of such allied activity. Our caregivers will help in grocery shopping at stores of the client preference and run errands such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office to get mails.

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From helping with medication to Bathing, grooming and hygiene; our caregivers help clients’ look and feel their best. These services definitely enhance the clients’ mental and physical well-being since it helps them feel positive about their appearance.

Other than cleaning the skin, bathing goes deeper to refresh their spirit, provision of relaxation and stimulation of the circulation. We also help our clients with mobility assistance. Our caregivers assist clients who need to be helped with their mobility to assist them maintain their active lifestyles. Being able to get out and about offers both physical and mental health benefits to seniors. Physical health benefits of activity include increased stamina and energy, a strengthened heart, lower blood pressure, improved digestion and sleep as well as proper development of the muscular skeletal system of the body. In addition activity helps in elevating the mood, releases stress and increases mental alertness.

In case of clients with total inability to make movements, our clients help them be in comfortable positions. Proper posture and movement from or into beds and chairs eliminates areas of pressure on the skin, reduce weakening and stiffening of muscles. It also encourages proper breathing, proper digestion and waste elimination. We also provide washroom andsanitary care. Our caregivers compassionately and sensitively care for seniors, needy adults and even disabled children helping them maintain dignity and self-esteem as they get assistance with the activities of daily living. Our experts help reduce the clients’ embarrassment associated with loss of independence related to insecurities and help with our toileting and incontinence care.

Feeding and special diet; for some needy reasons clients may need help feeding themselves. This loss of independence can be difficult to accept and our caregivers understand this and make the extra effort to turn mealtime an enjoyable social activity. Our professional comfort keepers will also help make certain diets which are prescribed to the clients to control and prevent a wide variety of medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Our caregivers ensure that the clients eat a balanced diet that provides the energy needed for active living and nutrients necessary for disease prevention, healing and healthful living as well as general functioning of the body.